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Style equals sense of life?

The California Tattoo Studio is the cradle of the underground lifestyle, art and music, where we only make completely
unique tattoos, on a worldwide high standards, providing all kind of styles from the whole spectrum available .

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Unique custom designs

Current styles throughout the whole spectrum

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Alexandra Winkler

My name is Alexandra Winkler. I’m the co-owner of the California Tattoo Studio in Hungary. I used to be a circus artist, traveling around the world, experiencing different cultures, which has inspired me to become a tattoo artist.
Art has always been the biggest part of my life.
Trough drawing and tattooing I find an extremely peaceful flow within, that makes me appreciate the now.
I mostly work with female customers in order to make them feel comfortable in this unique environment.
My overall goal is to make tasteful, completely extraordinary designs to my clients.
I provide the following styles.: fineline, singleline, dotwork, ornamental,
floral and some heavy blackwork just to unleash the darker side of our personality as well.


Tom Big

My name is Thomas Kopcsik aka. Tom Big from Hungary. I’m one of the owner of the California Tattoo Studio in Hungary.
I’ve been skateboarding  and beatboxing over 20 years and mesmerized by the underground lifestyle since childhood.

I’ve been traveling all over Europe in the last previous years as a tattoo artist and basically living the dream. 
Meditation and healthy living sahped my artistic approach and I try to involve geometrical elements into my designs.

I see tattooing as a ritual, that has unique atmosphere where we can connect and create something meaningful for both of us.
I appreciate simple fine line designs or musch complex, surrealistic projects as well.


tattoo designs

Olyan designok tervezesen dolgozunk, amik kombinaljak a realisztikus, minimalista grafikus es geometriai elemeket egyarant, ezzel letrehozva egy egyedi megjelenesu
tetovalas lehetoseget.

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After care procedure

In the first 3 days, the after care procedure is particularly important.
That’s your job to make sure that the tattoo will heal perfectly

If you experience any abnormality during the healing or you have any specific question, contact us immediately via phone or drop us a message. azonnal telefonáljon vagy írjon üzenetet számunkra!